Golden Gate Brass Repertoire

Video of Golden Gate Brass performing "Canzona Bergamasca".

Video of Golden Gate Brass performing "An Offering Carol".

Video of Golden Gate Brass performing "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas".

The ensemble performs music spanning all styles from baroque to contemporary.

The members of the group are stage artists as well as musicians, and in their appearances complement their musical offerings with their considerable comedic and dramatic artistic abilities · That means they will make you laugh!

Brass wind instruments have a long and varied history, from the valveless horns and trumpets of ancient times to the highly-developed instruments in use today · Brass players are required to perform every kind of music from simple songs and hymns to the most demanding works heard in the opera house, the ballet theater, the symphony hall, and the jazz club.

And brass players have to be accurate, too, or everyone will know about it right away - the psychological challenge of playing brass wind instruments is shared only by the person holding the cymbals (these also are brass instruments).

Playing a brass wind instrument looks like fun - and it is · But it is serious and highly-disciplined work, too · You can be sure that even as the members of the Golden Gate Brass seem to be having fun as they work - that, well, they really are.

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